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Telesis NL Markeersystemen

UID  / Data Matrix Marking

Telesis Technologies is the leader in U.S. Department of Defense UID compliant permanent marking technology. Business Rule 14 of the UID Guide requires permanent Data Matrix markings on certain components supplied to the Department of Defense. Telesis Pinstamp® dot peen and laser marking systems meet that requirement.

UID Basics (PDF)

Our extensive experience in automotive, aerospace, firearms and other critical industries allows us to rapidly assess what is required to make your products UID compliant. Telesis trained Service Engineers can install and set up your marking, verification, and reading equipment as well as train your manufacturing personnel to insure a seamless transition to UID marking. Our systems can link with your factory data network to insure accurate, non-recurring serial numbers so that complete UID integrity can be maintained.

UID is TransformationManufacturers are increasingly turning to the use of 2-D code direct part marking (DPM) and reading technologies. DPM utilizing dot peen markers or laser markers reduces costs, improves quality, and satisfies a number of industry-specific and government mandates, including U.S. Department of Defense UID (Unique Identification) requirements. Successful implementation requires the integration of robust, industrial marking systems with 2-D code verifiers located at the marking station. Together, they insure the ability to easily read and track the 2-D code.


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