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Telesis Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials Updated 07/01/2014

"We find Telesis equipment to be superior. As such it is directly in line with our overall and guiding mission of providing the best in promotional products, from a premium design standpoint, through manufacturing, and the corresponding and critical excellence engraving quality we demand to match on our engraved products. The Telesis laser delivers — and is in fact a pleasure to work with as quality materials, design — and and in this case equipment — will tend to be. The service department as well has been all we could ask for from a technical and assistance standpoint, and the representatives are a pleasure to deal with which is always an appreciated benefit."
Chris Shetler
PixlMediaServices, Inc.
2941 Donnylane Boulevard
Columbus OH 43235 USA

"The Telesis Model 6100/470 is a top quality product. They run 6 days a week, 10 hours a day, all day long, and they are 'bullet-proof'. I'd recommend the Telesis dot peen (Pinstamp) to anybody who needs that type of product marker. It is one of the best machines that we have."
Bud Nelson
Secondary Manager, Acutec Precision Machining

"All of your employees seem to be willing and able to give that "little bit extra" to make everything go right.
The laser marking equipment you have supplied to us thus far has been totally reliable and continues to perform flawlessly helping Federal-Mogul Corporation to reduce costs as it continues to improve product quality. I look forward to a continued relationship with the people I consider my "friends" at Telesis Technologies."

Best Regards,
Ed Reinemeyer
Process Engineer, Federal-Mogul Corporation

I've been in the metalworking industry for more years than I care to count.  All too frequently getting service after the bills have been paid is difficult.  In our case the integrator is no longer in business, but Telesis was there to ensure that our system was operating within the proper parameters.  Your Technician Chris was knowledgeable and more than willing to help us sort through some mechanical problems unrelated to the laser system itself.  This type of customer service demands acknowledgement.  I commend you and your staff and you may rest assured that, when the need arises, Telesis will be at the top of our list when considering laser marking systems.
Thanks and best regards,
Dennis N. Price
Quality Systems Manager
SGS Tool Company
Munroe Falls, OH 44262-0187

What separates Telesis from the others is the way they believe in and stand behind their products. In our business, we see everyone prior to purchasing. It's after the initial purchase where we really need you - and Telesis "delivers".
Jeremy Tincher
Manufacturing Engineer
Smith & Nephew, Inc.