TMC400 Backup Utility Software

This is a software package used to back-up marking patterns created on a TMC400 Controller to a PC and then later download them to the same or a different TMC400. It allows for virtually unlimited backup and storage of files used by the TMC400 Controller. This Utility runs on a PC in the Windows 95 (or later) environment.

Instructions on how to download the TMC400 Backup Utility software and install it on a PC that may or may not have access to the worldwide web are as follows:

  1. Download from this website a self-extracting executable file to a drive accessible to the PC on which you wish to run the utility. To do this, right mouse click  HERE and save the executable file to the desired directory.
  2. On the PC on which you wish to load the utility, locate and double click on the executable file. This will open an "extract to" pop-up window. In pop-up window, select the directory on which you wish to install the utility and click on "EXTRACT".
  3. Locate the directory on which you saved the utility and find and double click on the SETUP.EXE file, which will install and launch the utility.