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"Innovation is the creation and delivery of new customer value in the market place" - Michael J. Gelb, Innovate like Edison: The success system of America's greatest inventor.

I came across  the above quote during this remarkable summer of 2014. Telesis have been releasing innovative products into our catalogue, adding new value to our customers. It will make a difference to everyone. Whilst marking is evolving with the new techniques available on the market, we have managed to combine innovations such as the patent pending FQD100 Laser Marking System with our product range

"Never throw out your old shoes before you have new ones"

This is a famous Dutch proverb. If you are happy with your Telesis Marking System, but feel it is a bit out of date or that it requires more maintenance, then you might want to consider our great offer to replace your system for a new one.

This summer we have been working hard with great results. This, combined with our new innovative products, is giving us hope and faith for the future. But we also know we can do better; Better Communication, Better Presentation. Normally we ask you to challenge us, but this month I would specifically like to hear from you what we can do to improve our market communication. Please send me your thoughts, wishes and requirements in order to mark the difference.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

Asha City, heart of the Ural mountains, Russia!

According to Metal Expert Consulting's assessments in 2012, steel consumption in Russia increased at a faster pace than the average world consumption and than in most of the global economies. The consumption rise resulted from the growth of demand from engineering companies (primarily car makers) and construction firms. It is therefore obvious that the Russian market is of growing importance for Telesis.

This month we are back in Russia, in a steel manufacturer factory in the area of Chelyabinsk. It is a large company with a 24/7/365 operation. They use a Telesis TMM7200 marking system with 20 pins - each pin marks 5 characters for 100 characters total mark. The TMM7200 marking head is moved automatically on the production line to mark each steel plate. Then the marking head is removed for the new plate to be supplied. Like a "machine gun" the TMM7200 performs this marking cycle within 20 seconds!

Telesis is providing other TMM7200 systems for similar marking projects in Russia. The TMM7200 achieves a deep mark at a high speed and proves its reliability and ruggedness in a severe metallurgical environment.

More information about this application?

Telesis In The Spotlight!

TIV Hardenberg, IMTS Chicago and more Trade Shows to come

To introduce our newest marking products such as the FQD100 Laser Marking System and the TMC600 latest generation controller, Telesis and its partners have been participating in many international trade shows this past few weeks in South Africa, North America, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, ...

In October, we have more shows to come in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, The Netherlands, ... Please come and visit us, bring your samples and we will show you the capabilities of our marking systems.

Summer Competition!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our puzzle competition is Mr. Lukasz Rzeszotek. Congratulations Lukasz!

Lukasz successfully provided all the right answers in his puzzle;  Answers spread in the monthly Telesis newsletters.

Lukasz will receive a mini Ipad.

We thank you all for entering the competition this summer.  

Upcoming Events

Telesis will participate in:

BIMU                                                      30/9-4/10/2014
Milan Italy

Propak                                                   21-23/10/2014
Cape Town,  South Africa

SPE                                                        27-29/10/2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
MSV BRNO                                           29/9-9/10/2014
Brno, Czech Republic

Laser Expo                                          30/9-2/10/2014
Sosnowiec, Poland

Come and visit us!

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