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So far 2014 has been a great year for Telesis. We have done really well, worked hard, and challenged each other to improve the Telesis Brand and its results. We are on schedule, but it has become clear that in order to stay on schedule we need to take an extra step. Therefore I have written to and challenged all our distributors to improve their selling rate. On top of that, we offer all our customers replacement of their old systems with an amazing discount.

Talking about challenges, earlier this month, I visited our head office in Circleville, USA to discuss the outlook for 2015. We also reached agreement that we should be looking at communication. We need to share information better and in real time. We are also working on refreshing the Telesis Image with new posters in collaboration with our customers to show the real life of our systems in situ. I hope to share these with you in the next newsletters.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

Waldeck, Germany!

According to European regulation, all building components/structural elements (steel and aluminum) need to have a CE marking. Regulations like these open a world of opportunities for Telesis. Peikko is a leading global supplier of concrete connections and composite structures. They have innovative solutions which make the customer's building process faster, easier and more reliable.

Peikko faces several challenges in their Marking Process. First of all, Peikko works with very hard materials. On top of that, a deep mark is required as it needs to be readable after coating. Finally, the products to be marked are heavy and large. To overcome these challenges, Telesis has several solutions.

Although several Telesis systems are able to handle such a task, Peikko chose the TMP7000/420. This marker is a robust single pin marker targeted at applications requiring extremely deep penetration marking. The customer was very impressed by the marking depth!

More information about this application?

New Collection 2014-2015!

Hand-Held Frame for Telesis Pinstamp

Born from a strong partnership between a dedicated local supplier and Telesis Engineering Team, we are proud to introduce the new Hand-Held Frame designed especially for our Best-Seller, the Telesis TMP1700 marking system.

The concept is robust, versatile and ergonomic. The idea was to build a tool which is easy to use and extremely flexible.

Contact us for more information at + 31 (0) 10 4622136

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Telesis will participate in:

Midest                                                          4/11-7/11/2014
Paris, France

FMB                                                              5/11-7/11/2014
Bielefield, Germany

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