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May has been a fascinating month. I had the opportunity to go to Novosibirsk in Russia where a lot of interesting projects are being lined up. I hope to tell you all about this in one of the next newsletters.

Our new FQD100 demonstration equipment is on its way to Europe and we are  looking forward to presenting our new laser marking system in person at any given location. The European Teams have come to realize that you are sharing the excitement because the agendas are steadily filling up with demonstrations.

This month, I would also like to introduce to you the new scribe marker SC2000, a more compact solution designed in response to the increasing demand from our customers.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our customers. They open their doors, and they  allow us to use their names and to share their experiences. To see the applications we integrated in the various processes is the best advertisement for our products. So a big thank you to all of you.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

Willebroek, Belgium!

Thanks to the "floating pin technology", Telesis Marking Systems are the only markers which can handle the height distance of 19 mm maximum and still get the required marking depth on the gas bottles. Together with our partners, we developed in addition specific tooling to achieve a quality mark and guarantee an ergonomic process for the operator.

The introduction of the Telesis TMP4210 and later the TMM4215 hand held marking systems allowed the operator to mark on the gas bottle without the need of any positioning tooling. The TMP4210 and the TMM4215 are compact and light systems, but also capable of deep marking.

Telesis shares the core business values of IGS-Cymaco, which are driven by excelling in customer service and exceeding customer expectations through state of the art technology and a highly skilled and competent workforce. Telesis feels privileged to be part of the production process of IGS-Cymaco. You Name It, We Mark It!

More information about this application?

SC2000 Marking System
So Compact, So Quiet!

The New TeleScribe® SC2000 Scribe Marking system has arrived!

Telesis is proud to present the newest scribe marking system, the SC2000/470. The SC2000 offers the advantage of a small package with the same robust platform as experienced with the SC3500 system.

The SC2000 is available now. Please contact your local reseller or call Telesis Europe at + 31 (0)10 462 21 36.

Belgrade Technical Fair 2014!

Telesis built a strong and important partnership with Elmed d.o.o.. They represented Telesis earlier this month at the 58th International Technical Fair in Belgrade. We congratulate Elmed on their great success.

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Metalloobrabotka Exhibition          16/20-06-2014
Moscow, Russia

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