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In one of our previous newsletters we mentioned EU Regulations regarding marking on concrete. 
Agicom, our highly regarded distributor in France, has sold TMP3200 systems to a big supplier  to the TGV railway company. Please be inspired by their story and feel free to contact us for more information on this application.

There is a buzz going around our company and it is called the FQ2H. It is our latest patented Fiber Q-Switched with 2 (!) laser heads. This new concept will open up a world of new possibilities in production processes, and we are pleased to introduce it today in this newsletter. We are really excited about this new addition to the Telesis Product Range.

So, in short, You name it, We mark it!

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?

For over 50 years, France based company Stradal, has manufactured railway sleepers for high speed, conventional and secondary  lines as well as for urban transport such as metros and trams. Concrete sleepers are cheaper and easier to obtain than timber and they are more suitable to carry high axle-weight and sustain high speeds. All these concrete sleepers need to be marked with a batch number and a date information. The marking process takes place near the actual work site, before the sleepers are taken to be positioned on the train track.

Our much valued French distributor Agicom provided Stradal with the perfect marking solution to mark the difficult concrete surface. The Telesis TMP3200 is the right marking system for this job. This pinstamp single pin marker is able to mark on a wide range of surfaces from soft plastic to hard steel, up to 0.45mm deep.

Stradal integrated two TMP3200 heads mounted on a rail which mark simultaneously two concrete blocks. Each TMP3200 marks 400 to 500 concrete blocks per day.

We are proud to collaborate with Stradal and to contribute to the production process of the concrete sleepers which are meant for the famous TGV high speed train. Stradal, according to their plant manager, are very satisfied with the Telesis solution.

An Exciting Breakthrough Design!

The innovative FQ2H (Fiber Q-Switched Heads) allows the use of multiple lasing heads from a single controller.

The laser heads are independent and can be used in the same cell or in different cells. You can mark two different products separately and/or mark one product in two different locations.

The wattages on the Fiber laser heads can be mixed and matched from independent 10W up to 50W heads! In addition, the laser can be purchased with one head - at a later date, the second head can be added at a very attractive price.

This very unique marking laser concept is extremely flexible and powerful and can be an extraordinary asset for your production process. Thanks to the Telesis FQ2H, you double the marking speeds and throughput!

Contact us now for more information about the FQ2H and its options.

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