April News 2016

Where did Telesis go this month?

Polyamide is widely used in the production of flexible film for packaging of perishable food due to its unique combination of properties including high transparency , mechanical strength, high flexibility and toughness. DATA-BY, our distributor, in Belarus needed to provide permanent marks (such as timestamps and expiry dates) on high-end brands of sausages without damaging the protective polyamide film.

The Telesis EV4G green laser technology is able to meet these requirements. Whereas other laser solutions damage the thin film, the EV4G provides both good contrast and readable marks, and does NOT damage the polyamide film. DATA-BY successfully integrated the Telesis green laser into its production line.
This is Telesis, this is what we do!

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Telesis Green Laser

The EV4G Green Laser System is ideal for marking and processing difficult materials: coloured plastics, acrylic and polymer materials. The Telesis Green Laser offers:

  • High quality marking
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost operation
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Telesis BenchMark¨ 460 on the BBC News!

You Mark It, You Get It Back!

Telesis is so proud to have made it to the BBC news with the BenchMark¨ 460 hand-held marker. We can't prevent theft, but we can surely help you to get it back! The BenchMark¨ 460 is a lightweight portable dot peen marking system, easy to use and therefore perfectly suited to this job. Select more info and check out the video.

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May 31 - June 02
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Looking for a solution to mark on 3 Dimensional targets?

Telesis VARI-Z with AutoFocus

The innovative, compact Vari-Z series is perfectly suited for advanced applications that require the processing of non-flat parts, multiple or uneven surfaces.

The AutoFocus function option on Vari-Z model lasers allows the marker to automatically compensate for varying target heights. The displacement sensor allows the machine to compensate continuously for changes in material thicknesses.
Marking on difficult shapes couldn't be any easier!
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Welcome to Ralph Vierhaus

We are very pleased to announce that Ralph Vierhaus (49) has joined the Telesis Sales Team in Germany. Ralph is a certified technician with emphasis on mechanical engineering, and has a solid track record in sales. The combination of both makes him a valuable addition to the German Telesis Sales Team.

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